All My Mictlans


A collection of images and videos from three works, spanning over 9 years, inspired on the Aztec myth of Mictlan – the land of the dead.
“Jouney to Micltan," is an artist’s book created in 2006, where a group of children converse about a mythological journey into the underworld.
Hand-made, limited edition of 10.
"Journey to Mictlan and Back," commissioned by El Museo del Barrio in New York City was a multi-media performance. Based on the artist’s book, this adaptation adds the element of the Day of the Dead. La Catrina or Lady Death tells the story of how two playful souls make their way back from Mictlan to earth in order to celebrate this Mexican festivity. This piece included videos, performative objects and an original score by Javier Meza.
"Journey to Mictlan: the Eight Levels," commissioned by The Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian) in 2011 was an interactive story. In this adaptation the emphasis was on the dangers or levels of the underworld.
In 2015, another adaption is being created under the title of "Expanded” or “Edited” Coming soon.

Pratt Institute, El Museo del Barrio, The Museum of the American Indian
Conceived, developed and performed
Artists' book, performance, multi-media, video, storytelling