Santa Agua – Modificada


The Virgin of Guadalupe arrives to the plaza hanging from a crane. I had become the most venerated image and woman in Mexican culture yet under my gown laid dormant Tonantzin a fertility goddess. Dethroned after the Virgin’s ‘apparition’ in the Hill of Tepeyac she was now coming out with legs covered in mud and a belly made of corn to ask for the miracle of water.
Performed in public spaces at the International Performance Biennial HORASperdidas, Monterrey, Mexico and InSitu, Chihuahua, Mexico Summer 2014.
Duration: four hours
Conceived and performed by Polina Porras Sivolobova

Topics: faith, miracles, nature, science, technology, Mexican culture and symbology, ritual, religiosity, syncretism, water, lives of plants and female iconography.