Lilith under the last tree


A woman sits under a tree, the last tree. She engages in rituals of gesture and sound. Everybody is gone. A TV accompanies her and together they create a narrative of repetition. Lilith is, to many, the first woman created on earth. Fast-forward time: now she sits with the only remaining living entity – a tree. This one-woman work-in-progress explores the creation of narrative using the repetition of sound, gesture and video. Polina, whose main art form is performance art, explores how to ‘translate’ an action-driven art form into a theatrical staged work. She questions how the basic elements of performance art: time, space, the performer’s presence and her relationship to the audience, can remain the root of the work as they are transformed into the language of theater.

“Lilith under the last tree” was presented by LEIMAY in partnership with the New York City College of Technology: City Tech Theatreworks during SOAK 2018.
Photos by Shige Moriya
June 16, 2018. City Tech, Brooklyn, New York

Creator, performer