Collection of The Alebrijes in Search of the Sun


This is a collection of puppets and performing objects from “Los Alebrijes en Busca del Sol” (The Alebrijes in search of the sun). An original play in Spanish. It premiered in 2009 at the Queens Museum with the support of the Department of Cultural Affairs of New York and the Queens Council on the Arts. In 2015, they were exhibited at the Mexican Embassy in Kuwait and acquired by a private collector. The exhibition, “Toys, Masks and Stories: a vision of a Mexican artist," marked 40 years of cultural relations between Mexico and Kuwait.

About the play: An original work by Polina Porras Sivolobova. Alebrijes are traditional wooden Mexican toys of fantastical creatures and painted in bright colors. The four alebrijes – dog, jaguar, monkey and bat, embark on a journey to search for the sun after its long disappearance from the sky. After a long failed search they seek the help of Tonatiuh, the goddess of Movement and Earthquakes. They finally find the sun, who has been sleeping inside a cave. They, with the help of Tonatiuh, convince him to go up to the sky again, the sun agrees only with one condition. The story is Inspired by an ancient Aztec creation myth.

About the puppets and performing objects: Each character has three versions – 1. full body made of cardboard (2D) with movable parts, approximate size 20” x 30" 2. Flat mask (except the dog which instead of mask has a small full body version) 3. 3D toy or performing object. Made of parts of several toys each animal is 2 animals in one (a characteristic of Alebrijes). The Dog-Rat, The Jaguar- Horse, The Monkey-Baby-Dinosour, The Bat-Alligator.