La Virgen trabajadora


La Virgen Trabajadora – The Virgen Worker is a roaming street performance of one person. I will be dressed as The Virgen of Guadalupe. This performance will take place in the Alameda- Zocalo-Santo Domingo circuit for approximately three hours.
This work consists of a set of four actions, which will be done during the duration of the performance. The first actions is holding a pose still, like a real monument or statue while holding on my hand or hands one of these objects: flag, hammer, machete, corn, tortillas, Coca Cola, book, shovel. The second action is to walk or march, moving from one place to another, also holding one of these objects. The third action is the reading of some kind of made up-cabaret, humorous manifesto (still working on it) And lastly, the handing out of some funny pamphlet with images or/and words (also working on it). All these actions in the performance: still statues, heroic walks, “political” like speeches, and delivering of “propaganda” are inspired in Russian’s Revolution in 1917.